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Rabbits tend to inhabit grassland/meadows and heaths, woodland and open areas such as sand dunes. They are common in parks, on golf courses and railway embankments, and in gardens where they burrow under trees and sheds. The burrow systems are known as "warrens" and can reach great size. Where numbers are fewer, single burrows can occur, but these do not cause as many problems to humans as the larger warren systems.

Rabbit Management & Legislation covering rabbit control

Agriculture Act 1947 and The Pests Act 1954

These acts state:

  • One may be required to destroy or remove scrub to prevent rabbit harbourage and reduce their spread.
  • Rabbit Clearance Order No 148 1972 makes the whole of England and Wales a rabbit clearance area.
  • Owners have a continuing obligation to control rabbits living on their land (unless they can prove that it is not practical). If they live within a rabbit clearance area, they can use any legal method except shooting.

Pied Piper Pest Solutions provides many years experience in rabbit control, using various methods, depending on the size of the rabbit problem.

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